Brodie grew up in a small town in the south island of New Zealand. Brodie spent many of his youthful years riding freestyle Bmx. He first became curious about photography when he began taking action shots of his friends riding Bmx, this was the beginning of his photographic journey, but little did he know then, all the unthinkable adventures that were to come.
During a trip to Africa, Brodie’s passion for photography further ignited, as a simple safari across the terrains of Africa, photographing the elephants lions zebras in their natural environment sparked something in Brodie, as this is when he first knew this isn’t what he wanted to do, but what he was meant to do. For the magic in seeing the animals interact with the landscapes surrounding them inspired something in Brodie and so his journey as a photographer began.

Brodie then went on to traveling and exploring different parts of Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, carrying his camera in hand and sense of adventure, wherever the wind took him. As he’s travelled along the coasts of Vietnam and Indonesia by motorbike; experiencing many breakdowns, living amongst the locals and getting a glimpse into how the villagers truly live in these small villages.

Brodie practices in both portrait photography and landscape photography. His landscape photographs capturing the raw and natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand, whilst his portraits offer an authentic insight into how some the world’s most interesting and diverse cultures interact in their everyday lives.

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